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Welcome to The Meadows Directory and The Bruntsfield Links magazines...

The Meadows Directory has been up and running for 15 years now… and is distributed in Grange, Marchmont and Newington… 3000 copies go out to homes, flats and businesses with advertising and local news.  
The Bruntsfield Links, which started more recently, alternates with Meadows Directory in the Bruntsfield, Churchill and Grange area. 

Over 2 issues 6000 copies will be distributed and read... and being online, on facebook and on ipad... means that even more of you will get to read the magazine.  

Happy reading

Leigh McCarney


editor: Leigh McCarney
phone: 0131 4477891

distribution: 3000 each magazine
The Meadows Directory - Nov
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The Bruntsfield Links - Sept
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